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Motivation Seminars

The Great Philosopher Confucius who lived 25 centuries ago, has addressed students gathered around him:

"Do not ever underestimate the power of words, you can never imagine what motivated people can do."

For thousands of years, people have turned their gaze into the sky to overcome difficulties by myths and rituals and hoped to get power from the sun, moon and stars.

Nowadays, we see that more and more people realize that real power is in us.

You are interested in Employee Motivation, Understanding the Human Being, Individual Awareness and Leadership; you are open to and ready for Human Sensations Touch and Personal Development; come and join our "Do you know who I am?" themed seminars.

For over twenty years, Selami Yildirim shares his experience and true stories of his own 50 years journey from darkness to enlightenment, with thousands of individuals who also want to burn their own torch on the way to human spirit touch regardless their position and identity in the companies, non-profit organizations or education institutions where they are working.

In his own words;

When I look back, I cannot avoid the excitement of sharing with "Passengers like me" all what this journey, not longer than a barley grain in my illusions, gave to me.

I try to convey through someone else’s eyes, the big disruptions I had in my thoughts and prejudices as well as the startling memories I had with the very few special people who marked me deeply.

I had the opportunity of exchanging thoroughly with tens of thousands of attendees coming from all around Turkey to our "Do you know who I am? Attention! There is Human!!" seminars.

Their ideas, criticism and praise immensely enriched my “Journey of Finding and Discovering Myself”.

I owe them a lot.

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Genius is that man burns his own fire.

John Foster


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