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Management and Change Management Consultancy

BNS Turkey®, It intends to resolve the problems that occur within the framework of Strategic and Organizational structuring processes and carrying on business methods of the Companies and to support the constitution of the systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultancy and the expert solutions on integrated data sharing subjects, contribute also to your performance.

Composed of well experienced senior management professionals who worked for different sectors having created value and difference. Our company is also supported by reputable academicians having huge capacity to convert theory to practice. 

We partner and collaborate with our customers to produce creative and innovative options for each company. 

Our collaborative, adaptable approach in different sectors, helps our clients to achieve sustainable success and enduring results.

Change Management is a process in which the senior management contributes actively and stages are planned, in order for a corporation to work more productively, to reach common goals and that a vision of the future is passed on to all units.

Our fields of activity within the frame of Management Consultancy involve the main topics and contents below.

  • Strategic Management Formation
  • Management Ethics
  • Reconstruction
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Plan Studies
  • Company Acquisition and Merger Processes

Behind the idea of our management consulting suggestion is principles of change management. Business Network Solutions Turkey® focus on Internal CRM & ERP projects, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Organization, Human Resources, Mergers & Acquisitions and Outsourcing Projects. We help our customers to redesign their operations to growth and lower costs. Furthermore, we produce results that are measurable, efficient and enduring.

Human Resources focus on the personal development of the individuals in the corporation. Change Management aims to increase efficiency by developing in-house structures and systems.

Organizational Behavioral Model approach is used in this context.  All corporations are actually made up of various human-driven systems and these systems must assure corporation’s goal achievemeny by working efficiently. 

Hence, corporations focus on "what" as well as, "why & how" to work. This focus allows organizations to be more innovative and creative.

Along with a coordinator to each project, other relevant consultants participate to all studies made within BNS Turkey® in order to generate effective results regarding the project.

Pursuant to the clients’ needs, other relevant consultants are included in the projects by taking into consideration their area of expertise and experience.

In addition to its core project team, BNS Turkey® also has a wide network of specialized consultants.

BNS Turkey® Our fields of activity within the frame of Management Consultancy involve the main topics and contents below.

Strategic and Organizational Development

  • Managerial Status Assessment
  • Organizational Structuring and Identification
  • Defining Organizational Processes
  • Change Implementation and Provisional Management
  • Occurrence of Business Strategies
  • Company Mergers & Acquisitions Evaluation
  • Strategy Development and Process Management
  • Institutionalization in Family Companies
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Corporate communications
  • Business Coaching

Marketing and Corporate Communication

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Agency - Dealership - Distribution Channel Studies
  • Creating Sales Organizations
  • Business Procedures
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Plan Preparation
  • Dealer-Customer-Launch Meetings
  • Mystery Customer Practices
  • Sector and Market Research
  • Social Responsibility projects

Human Resources

  • Reorganisation
  • Job Analysis and Job Definitions
  • Corporate Performance Development
  • Performance Management and Development System
  • Skill management
  • Competency-Based Recruitment System
  • Change Application
  • Career Management Plan
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Business Valuation and Fee System

Project Management

  • Creating Business Simulations
  • Relations with Suppliers and Employees
  • Production and Service Management
  • Productivity Management
  • ERP Consultancy
  • Insurance Legislation and Information
  • Creating Optimum Policy for Companies

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