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General Management Skills

“The first customer” of the manager is his staff in his team. The manager is the person who is in charge of getting more things done by others than what he can do on his own.

The training underlines the fact that management actually is a function. Using factors such as brainstorming and scenario analysis, it presents the managers the ability to think differently, to acquire new habits, and personal / corporate awareness within the format of an interactive workshop.

A brainstorming workshop on Manager's Role "Managerial Skills Development Workshop, presents a new perspective to managers in today's complex business environment in conjunction with the concept of "Outcome-Focused Management".

By General Management Skills Module, BNS Turkey®, transmits the concepts of contribution of basic functions of business and integration within the whole of the business to business excellence, with effective examples and training, to department managers and employees, at middle level managers’ levels, that they work with and who carry out the operation.
BNS Turkey®, prepares tomorrow’s managers with all necessary reflexes and competences in a tough competitive environment and equips them with basic attitude models.

Focused Topics

  • Success Management with Goals
  • Development of Management Skills
  • Superior Management Skills
  • Corporate Development
  • Learning Organizations
  • Effective Management Cycle
  • Giving Priority to Priorities
  • Result-oriented time management
  • Effective Negotiation Methods

  • Planning
  • Interview Techniques and Personnel Selection
  • Team Building
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving Techniques
  • Active Delegation
  • Meeting Management
  • Project management
  • Conflict Management

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