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Implementation Workshops

The ones working with the workshop in the direction of corporations' main strategies can perform Workshop and Search Sessions that is planned synchronously or independently in the sizes involving business partners or stakeholders and suppliers.

The main goal in the workshop work, with "Virtual Company" application, is to form the most accurate structure which makes internal and external customer happy by analyzing a company's basic functions separately with medium and intermediate-level managers and operation staff, to implement it and understand the importance of all the functions in the company and share it.

On the basis of the model formed, each employee perceive the place of its part in "the Big Picture", consolidate its awareness about contribution to management while developing managerial competencies and creating role models.

This model allows companies' strategic planning preparation processes to be implemented by all the employees and adopted more rapidly by the whole company.

I learned wisdom from the blind. They never take a step without inspecting.
Lokman Hekim


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