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BNS Academy® Our fields of activity within the frame of Training Consultancy involve the main topics and contents below.

BNS Academy® in a wide area from the Real Sector to Fast Moving Consumer Products, from Bank and Insurance to Service Sector; suggests to contribute to your business with special training and performance development solutions as a result of "Training Need Analysis" and focus group stages.

Since 2007, BNS Akademi® has been providing training services to its customers with its extensive staff of professionals, It provides a long-term strategic partnership within the context of a great experience gained in business life and the diversity of content thus diversified.

BNS Academy®, is a premier global consulting firm that specializes in helping people, teams, and organizations achieve maximum effectiveness. Considered one of the most comprehensive consulting, coaching, and training firms, we provide services to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to international conglomerates. With clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create a lasting competitive advantage.

With computer-assisted analysis producing Competency and Target-Based results, within the frame of the desired performance level, training needs can be determined on the basis of department and even people by evaluating out of 100, with this method; training costs are reduced to a large extent. HR Manager can measure the performance of not only participant but also training and trainer within the process at any time as net.

Besides, with "Measurement of Training" and "Return of Learning Investment" services, the training process becomes a permanent and efficient habit for company employees.

BNS Academy with its In-house Training and Content Design Studies, supports your Trainer Training - Internal Trainer Training projects.

* If requested, our training is designed and delivered in English or French

Focused Basic Functions and Topics

Personal Development and Awareness Workshops

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Communication Negotiation and Problem Solving Workshops

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Customer Focused Behavior Skills Customer Loyalty


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Sales Skills and Sales Techniques Development Workshops

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Banking and Financial Products

Sales Training

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General Management Skills 

Managers Toolbox

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Strategic Management Skills

 Business Excellence

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Leadership and Coaching Skills

Team Management

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Team Building and Success Workshops by Sailing

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Team Spirit and Corporate Culture Workshops

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Outdoor Events

Team Collaboration

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In-house Academy 

Train the Trainer

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Do you think training is so expensive? Let see the cost of ignorance.

Abraham Lincoln


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