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Personal Development and Awareness Workshops

“The Emotional Intelligence and Self Development Workshop” aims to make participants aware of their own lifestyles and develop their most appropriate methods to create individual differences and awareness. 

By discussing the concepts of Individual Leadership and Interaction, communication, common communication and perception code will enhance the knowledge and skills of creating appropriate interaction and cooperation with personality styles.

Explaining the role and “Individual mission of the Employee” within the “Self-Awareness and Self-Development”, To deliver and improve the required core competences for Personal Image and Creating Personal Quality and Positive Attitude towards. and also develop and reflect Sincerity and Acceptance emotions, which is a crucial quality of communication.

Focused Topics

  • Individual Awareness for Superior Performance
  • Personal Leadership Analysis and Model Building
  • Individual Leadership - Inner Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Time Use Assessment
  • Importance and Priority Determination
  • Target Identification and Planning

  • Individual Awareness - Perception and Opinion
  • Internal and External Customer Communication
  • Creative Thinking and Innovative Approaches
  • Operational Awareness
  • Environmental Layer Analysis
  • Effective Motivation

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