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Customer Focused Behavior Skills

Customer Focused Behavior Skill Development Workshop is designed As a Skill Development Program to increase the Sustainable Profitability and Customer Satisfaction by focusing on the customers and creating a common denominator while fulfilling the Product - Service and Idea Sales Function of the employees in Sales, in the Field and all other units within the framework of related company standards and high quality. It is based on practical sales and customer service skills.

Customer Focused Behavior Skill Development uses a very limited number of slides to discuss and deliver the message including visuals, topics and issues initiated by the company, followed by Case Studies and Scenarios contemplated by group activities in a totally interactive fashion. The goal is to reach the common truths with the participants’ discussions.

Action Plans related to the topics are prepared at the end of each section before moving to the next one

Focused Topics

  • Effective Communication with Customer
  • Identifying Customer Needs Benefit Presentation
  • Conflict Management
  • Management of Difficult Situations
  • Creating Confidence with the Customer
  • Creating Long-term Cooperation
  • Product - Service and Idea Sales
  • Meeting Customer Appeals
  • Providing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Above all things on earth the skill I value the most is getting along with people.
John D. Rockefeller


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