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Our Values

BNS Turkey®, accepts, gives importance and priority to all universal values.

BNS Turkey® accepted, United Nations, as suppliers and members, Gerson Lehrman Global, Kalder (Turkey Quality Association), PERYÖN (Turkey Personnel Management Association), YDD (Management Consultants Association) and depending on ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) all the principles and ethical values.




BNS Turkey®, puts sincerity foremost in its thinking and actions, not only in relation to others but also itself. It does not see and try to show results differently than what they are.

BNS Turkey®, is objective to situations and concepts around it; well accepted in its decisions; humanitarian on a universal basis, and values analytical results formed under the light of ethical values.

As well as the experiences acquired by analytical-critical thinking, working and creative skills; the creation of theories, strategies and ideas by adding new and original contributions, are fundamental to BNS Turkey®,

Prejudice Free



BNS Turkey®, examines the situations with all their extent and approaches concepts as objective results of people and companies’ values, beliefs expectations and attitudes.

BNS Turkey®, accepts that the differences are added values; the mind is rich and it encourages collective thinking in all environments. It takes responsibility and initiatives.

BNS Turkey®, not only values the ethics, laws and principles of its business partners, but it is also attached decisively to its self-discipline and rules.




BNS Turkey®, is enthusiastic about every new project it works on, and considers itself as the owner of the work.

It is fundamental for BNS Turkey®, to meticulously keep confidential all values, assets and original ideas of competitor sectors and companies. It is unconditionally attached to Confidentiality agreements and rules.

The results presented by BNS Turkey®, as a consequence of its experiences, creates defined, effective and applicable systems. It foresees evaluable, permanent and sustainable achievements.

A man's manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.


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