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Team Building and Success Workshops by Sailing

Sailing is a sport, in which all kinds of unfavorable variables may appear at any moment, exactly like in business life; taking fast, effective and making the best decisions, as well as coordinated initiatives are imperative and it is also a sport in which distinctive philosophy and norms exist.

The situation management, problem solving, struggle with stress and effective communication are competences inherent to sailing and are among the basic competences that are necessary in today’s business life for professionals at every level.

Sailing activities, which will be determined in accordance with the objectives, strengthen the competences of basic skills and Team Spirit present in the team, about combining coordinated goals in the same direction. 

BNS Turkey®, raises awareness for common goals, based upon basic rules and philosophy of navigation of thousands of years, by addressing areas such as planning, problem solving, decision making, crisis, stress and conflict management, risk taking, strategy and leadership, adjustment to change, effective and successful communication, and expand horizons for a group of people who know each other and who are on the road to being a team. 

"Teamwork by Sailing and Success Motivation" is designed by our Professional Trainers according to Corporations’ needs and applied under 2 Professional Sailing Trainers’ surveillance on the Boat and in high security perimeter.

Focused Topics

  • Effective Team Work, 
  • High Performance Team Build Up and Development,
  • Creation of Performance according to Uncertain and Tough Conditions,
  • Performing of Effective Solutions with Limited Opportunities,
  • Situational Crisis Management and Problem Solving,
  • Situational Leadership and Skills Guidance,
  • Risk Analysis, 
  • Immediate Effective Decision Making Under Stress,
  • 360° Feedback Matrix.

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