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Communication Negotiation and Problem Solving Workshops

Individuals have to understand other people’s emotions and thoughts, briefly communicate, in order to comprehend a subject or to resolve a problem regardless of its content. For a modern society, individuals first have to adhere to being respectful and tolerant to other people’s points of view in their daily lives.

For an individual to be able to communicate his/her own thoughts to other people and for those people to accept those thoughts, systematic and effective communication competences which are connected to a certain discipline are necessary. 

BNS Turkey®, suggests to increase self-confidence in communication, by using successfully today’s numerous communication channels and tools and then to show necessary ability guidance in order to produce the anticipated effect on people and to contribute to your business. 

Focused Topics

  •  Effective Communication Technics
  • Impact Presentation Skill
  • Non-Verbal Communication and Use of Body Language 
  • Organizational Communication
  • Negotiation Methods
  • Effective Listening and Empathy
  • Long Term Collaboration Solutions / Win – Win

  • Persuasion Skills
  • Effective Listening
  • Conflict and Stress Management
  • Managing Difficult Relationships
  • Individual Awareness - Perception and Opinion
  • Internal and External Customer Communication
  • Contact Layer Analysis

No one is an island entire of itself; all we are a piece of the continent.

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