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Outdoor Events

A team is not only a group of people working in the same office. A real team is composed of individuals who are different from each other in terms of experience, education and ability but alike in terms of the desire and commitment they have, to work and obtain results together. Training in nature is considerably effective in relation to overcome difficulties as a team and reflect the creative solutions to business life.

The team and strategy training made in Nature will be the ideal opportunity for companies which can hold together and keep their teams ready in any condition in business life.

BNS Turkey®, strengthens individual leadership skills and team spirit in relation to handling unusual circumstances present in nature’s structure and origin, crisis management, fast decision making, coordination and problem solving, while it takes your team away from the monotonous, familiar environment of the office to an exciting weekend adventure spent outdoors. 

Focused Topics and Competences

  • Effective Team Work
  • High Performance Team Building and Development,
  • Performance Creation by Variable and Tough Conditions,
  • Producing Effective Solutions with Limited Opportunities and Risk Analysis,
  • Instant Effective Decision Making Under Stress,
  • 360 ° Feedback Matrix

  • Strategic Management
  • Competition Strategies for Senior Management
  • Effective Situation Analysis and Decision Making,
  • Situational Crisis Management and Problem Solving,
  • Situational Leadership and Skill Guidance
  • Strong Leader - Strong Company,

Meeting Camps in Nature

While holding all kinds of meetings, from which creative results are expected, in nature’s inspiring environment, you can take training out of meeting hours and for different durations and levels, such as basic trekking, basic camping, rock climbing, mountain climbing, survivability in nature, orientation and first aid in nature.

BNS Turkey®, invites you to determine the boundaries of your own freedom. Where you put up your own tents and cook your own food over an open fire, these programs intend to hold the meetings in nature, in a free and creative environment, instead of a closed and stressful environment of the office and to take the strategic decisions under the stars, around the camp fire on a productive level.

Throughout the programs, the participants will be able to discuss important company issues and operations even while they are lying in their sleeping-bags, and will have the opportunity to live the "Necessities are the Fire of Discovery” philosophy for 24 hours with their colleagues.

Corporate Culture, Motivation, Adventure and Fun Events

In motivation, adventure and fun applications, which can be designed at different difficulty levels for companies, target oriented success programs in which not only the employees but also the company customers take off their ties and experience in teams, maximum adrenaline and the feeling of competition in a secure environment through themed contests against time organized in nature.

The objective of the application is to have fun, get away from the stress of work, rest, laugh and to live different experiences as a team outside the work environment. 

We are intending to make the participants implement the motto "One for All, All for One" through activities designed especially for companies which are in a reorganization process, recently created units in the structure and all institutions who wish to break the monotony created by the fact of working together in the same team for many years.

These organizations are prepared to make company’s employees and customers live an experience they will never forget. If product launching, annual meeting, motivation or reward intentioned trip programs are requested, they can be arranged in any location.

Yöneticilere Özel Strateji Uygulama Çalışmaları

Thinking strategically and applying strategy successfully necessitates that the management of a company has real leadership spirit, broad vision and an outstanding analyzing ability. In settling strategies, external influences are numerous, varied and derive from different sources and they are also values that are quickly impressionable from changes, affecting the company’s life curve.

Strategy is art of reaching the most effective solution by using minimum sources according to basic objectives. It creates the roadmap of the politics in flow of daily business life of the company manager and the situation in which the company wishes to be in the future, as well as the methods to be used in order to reach these goals with the existing opportunities.

BNS Turkey® organizes activities intending to create awareness in participants by experiencing situations such as creating a strategy for a common goal in management group and Situational Leadership, planning, problem solving, decision making, risk taking and competition formula.

I found my mind in books, but developed it in nature.


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